Meet the Staff: Ms. Ayers

By: Sarah Yi — Editor-in-Chief

Ms. Kathleen Ayers is one of many new Sharon High School teachers this year. Ayers currently teaches Spanish II Standard and Honors level classes. 

Ayers is from Rhode Island and went to Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. She received a Master’s Degree from Middlebury College in Vermont. 

Before coming to Sharon High School, Ayers has previously taught at both private and public schools in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

“The biggest challenge I have this year is teaching hybrid classes,” said Ayers. She says it is getting better but this new way of teaching still presents some challenges. 

Ayers says everyone has been very helpful and welcoming at Sharon High School. “I am only part-time, so it is taking me longer to get to know everyone,” Ayers added.

She says that she is enjoying the classes and the students have been great so far. “Outside of class, I enjoy traveling and hope to be able to begin exploring again soon,” said Ayers.

Head of the World Language Department Dr. Maureen Magnan says the World Language Department was understaffed going into the 2020 school year. “Two of our teachers took a leave of absence for the year and one resigned,” said Magnan.

She says that it was necessary to hire three new teachers this school year. “Ms. Ayers replaced one of the teachers that decided to take a leave of absence this year,” she said. 

When hiring new World Language teachers, Magnan looks for a “Licensed educator, near-native language proficiency, strong interpersonal skills, and a passion for language teaching and travel.” She says that it is important for the candidate to have a love for teaching students, a flexible demeanor, and a willingness to grow and model how to be a lifelong learner to students.

Magnan says Ayers has been able to enter this year with a flexible attitude and the willingness to learn during such a challenging time in teaching. “We are grateful she has stepped in to teach Spanish and support our students this year,” said Magnan.

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