Students’ Opinions on Schedules

By: Nihar Iyengar — Correspondent

The implementation of this year’s modified schedules, optimized for the hybrid learning plan, has prompted a number of reactions among the student body. 

The schedule, consisting of 3 80-minute class periods per day along with a morning and afternoon Eagle Block, has remained the same for the entire first quarter. For quarter two, the period order will change to 3, 1, 2, on Mondays and Thursdays and 6, 4, 5, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Senior Mark Starovoytov says that he enjoys the new schedules although he needed some time to recalibrate from the period lengths he had grown accustomed to over the past 3 years. “This year’s schedules seemed to be quite a drastic change at first, but within a couple of weeks, it was easy to adjust. Especially with 5-10 minute breaks, periods do not feel too long,” he added. 

Barry Spoto, a junior learning under the hybrid plan, likes both his schedule and the current order of his classes. “It was really nice to just have a set routine during a hectic time like this,” he said. But, he says he understands why others would want a switch from the same schedule that they have been sticking to for the past few months.

Rahem Hamid, a fully-remote senior, says that the current schedule is well-organized from his standpoint. He enjoys the current period order but admits that he is biased because he has a VHS study hall first period. “That will change with the new period order, but it switches things up which is good. Frankly, if the teachers stand with it and the students stand with it it’s good with me,” he added.

Not everyone was as enthusiastic about the formatting of the schedule and how it altered the length of every period.

Senior Amelia Scappaticci, who learns in a hybrid cohort, says that the longer periods have been hard to adjust to. “Both at home and in school, I think the current schedule makes it really difficult for students to stay engaged in their classes,” she added. 

Scappaticci is optimistic about the new rotation. “I’m kind of glad that there is going to be a new period order, but I still wish that we rotated on a more daily basis because having the same classes on the same day is very monotonous,” she said.

Evan Seth Jaffe, a fully-remote junior, says that falling into a routine is easier when the same schedule is followed but says he is skeptical that a strict routine constant period order is essential for learning with the current schedule. 

“Although having classes in a set order makes Zooming in easier logistically, I think it is good to have some variety in the timing of classes,” he said, adding that the “one-period rotation will help with this, but it would be more beneficial to have period rotations more often, perhaps every other week or so.” 

Jaffe says that these frequent changes would provide variety while still fitting into a helpful routine, combining the best of both worlds.

At the Student Council PAC meeting held on November 10, Principal Joe Scozzarro said that he will solicit feedback from students regarding a new schedule. Starting in December, he plans to convene a scheduling committee for the future, adding that he “would love to have students participate.”

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