COVID-19 Cases Spike in Massachusetts

By: Regina Gemba — Correspondent

As of the past week, Massachusetts has seen an influx of Covid-19 cases that is reminiscent of the peak of virus in May, 2020. According to public health officials, on Wednesday, November 4th, 1,629 cases were reported, the highest number of cases in a single day since the May outbreak. 

The cases reported in the past week have brought the number of Massachusetts’ confirmed coronavirus infections up to just under 200,000, and the state’s death toll has risen to just over 10,000.According to the Massachusetts Covid map and case count that is updated daily, the average amount of cases per day has increased by a staggering 76%. 

It is hard to say for certain what is responsible for the steep upward trend in coronavirus cases, however, members of the Sharon Public Schools community have a lot to say about the potential causes and are concerned that things are only going to get worse. 

Sharon High school Senior Kendall Huot says that cases may be rising because of a growing lack of concern for the virus and a popular desire to return back to normal. 

“I think Covid cases in Massachusetts are rising just because everybody is kind of done with the virus—kind of like they were in the summer,” Huot said. 

Huot also added that the growing ignorance of the precautions put in place by Governor Baker is contributing to the spread of the virus in Massachusetts. “Nobody is really taking the precautions they are supposed to with the governor’s new orders and everyone is still gathering,” Huot added. “It makes me feel sad to see things getting worse because of this.” 

Senior Jessica Kalmowitz shares a similar opinion, saying that the restlessness of the people, most significantly Massachusetts teenagers, is responsible for the upward trend in Covid-19 cases. “Covid cases are rising because people are starting to get a bit restless about wearing masks and following all of the Covid-19 guidelines,” Kalmowitz said. 

“We’ve been in this situation since March and it’s come to a point where people want to go back to their normal lives, but unfortunately we can’t do that yet because this pandemic is not under control and until it’s under control, we need to be following all of the rules,” she added. 

It is without a doubt that this past Halloween encouraged large gatherings of people and was responsible for many outbreaks throughout the state. Kalmowitz shows concern about the upcoming holiday season and how people are more inclined to gather in large groups without consideration for the pandemic. 

“Recently, we just had Halloween and we do have some other holidays coming up, so I am nervous that not a lot of people are going to follow the rules,” said Kalmowitz. 

“We saw on Halloween that a lot of people wanted to go out —especially college students —and that definitely made the cases rise,” she added. 

“In order to get this pandemic under control, we all need to play our part —even if that means putting our social lives on hold for a little while,” Kalmowitz said. 

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