2020 Reflection

By: Tanvi Mittal β€” Editor-in-Chief

2020 has been one of the most devastating years in US history. In the beginning of January, Australian wildfires ravaged the country. Soon after, we learned of the deadly Coronavirus that originated in China and then spread all around the world. It forced countries to shut down and place stay at home orders, restricting citizens from public places. Over the months, it has claimed the lives of over 1.5 million people globally and significantly impacted many more. The stock market crashed as businesses closed, people lost jobs, and families struggled to stay afloat. In May, the news broke that George Floyd had been killed and protests broke out around the country. Over the following months, our country battled systemic racism and fought for equality. In between all of this, the presidential election was also running with an impeachment early in the year, followed by record-setting victory by President-elect Biden, and several lawsuits by President Trump contesting the victory. 

This year has affected millions of people around the world, including students at Sharon High School. Back in March, school closed for what we thought was going to be only a couple of days. It soon turned into a couple of weeks, then two months, and eventually till the end of the year. No one expected the way our lives would drastically change and how many momentous events we would miss. The class of 2020 lost their prom, had to have a modified graduation, missed senior week, and so much more. Now, the class of 2021 is dealing with changing guidelines for college applications and uncertainty for their future. 

Though we have all struggled, this country has come together and continued to fight. Everyday, doctors, nurses, teachers and many other essential workers put their lives on the line to ensure that everyone has the care and resources that they need. Many charities and organizations have also been set up in order to provide food and money to struggling families. Additionally, families have come together during this hard time, supporting each other and creating new memories. Everyone has obtained a new appreciation for life and learned to not take for granted the opportunities they have.

In an attempt to look back upon the year, the Talon has curated several top 10 lists that range from political events to entertainment. The sports section has curated two lists for the best overall sports moments and games this year. Additionally, the arts and entertainment section is covering top albums, television shows, and movies. To cover the news stories, we have the top ten political stories, international news, sharon news, and deaths of influential figures. The Talon has also found feel good stories including the best takeout places in the area and things to do during quarantine. All of the top 10s are published on the Talon website!

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