Virtual Talent Show Fundraiser

By: Charlotte Foulger and Jamie Webster — Correspondent

The World Studies classes at SHS are inviting everyone to a virtual talent show fundraiser on April 12th to support a music and art program for students in Ecuador. 

“Students from Sharon High will be raising money for students in Urkusiki, Ecuador to afford instruments, art supplies, and teachers to run these programs,” said Aidan Armstrong, an SHS student organizing the talent show.  

World Studies is running the fundraiser through a nonprofit called the Tandana Foundation. The goal of the Tandana Foundation is “not about “helping the poor” or “imposing a developmentalist worldview or any particular religion.” 

“Rather, our goal is to create and nurture respectful and responsible relationships among people of different cultures. We come to learn and to share,” they added. 

The World Studies classes have been engaging in a cultural exchange with students from Urkusiki over the past months and have been connecting over Zoom calls. The fundraiser project was chosen by the students in Urkusiki because of the importance of art and music in their lives, and the students in Sharon have chosen to put together a talent show as a fundraiser because it will allow everyone to share their art and music.

The goal of this project is to fund an art and music program, with funds going towards new instruments, hiring teachers, and purchasing art supplies. “Also, if our goal is exceeded, we can give scholarships to help some of the kids pay for high school,” said sophomore World Studies student David Bai. 

Alexis, a student from Urkusiki, says that her “favorite part of art is playing instruments… I really like the violin.” She plays both the violin and the guitar, and she likes to sing the songs of Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun. She also mentioned that her uncle inspires her. Alexis also says that she would like to learn from a teacher how to paint and choreograph dances.

“The World Studies class has been working with the Tandana foundation by meeting the kids and creating a fundraiser,” added Bai. 

“We have all gained a more international perspective on education and art,” said another student, sophomore Olivia Sheng. Several other World Studies students also agreed.

The virtual talent show is tentatively scheduled for April 12th over Zoom, and while the acts themselves will be prerecorded to minimize potential technical difficulties, there will be live MCs presenting. As for what to look forward to, sophomore Adam Lessard says “there are many exciting acts that will be taking place, with many of them containing artistic expression.”

If you’re interested in donating, follow these two steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. In the dropdown menu that says “What would you like this donation to go towards?” the second option in the dropdown menu is now “Sharon High School Project.” 

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