Class of 2021 Senior Activities

By: Emily Mao — School News Editor

As this school year comes to a close for seniors, Class of 2021’s Planning Board, the Student Council, and PTSO are planning many activities to make their last days as memorable as possible. Sharon High School students have been in school in person for almost a month since they returned on April 28th, so they have been able to experience school one last time before they graduate. 

Senior Deepti Prabhakara, who was a remote student for a majority of senior year, has loved seeing her classmates who she hasn’t seen in 14 months. “My favorite part about SHS are the friendships that I’ve made that have kept me going through all the stress and difficult exams. This past month has just reaffirmed the fact that so many of these friendships are lifelong, and I can’t wait to grow with these people in the future,” said Prabhakara. 

A majority of the senior class shares this sentiment, as they have finally gotten to reunite with their friends in a safe environment. Before their first week back, the Student Council got to work decorating the school to make it as festive as possible for them. And although seniors have barely received any senior privileges, the guarantee of a long-awaited senior week has been met with excitement and happiness from students. “My favorite part of senior year is definitely the fact that we’re getting a senior week. I can’t wait for it,” said senior Lina Joy.

During their last week of school, seniors are participating in their last spirit week at Sharon High School. Just for seniors only, the spirit week includes decades day, tie-dye, beach day, twin day, and eagle pride. 

On the last day of school, the class planning board has partnered with local ice cream joint, Crescent Ridge, to provide seniors with free ice cream to enjoy on the field with their classmates. They will also receive free lanyards and the yearbooks that they ordered. 

Saturday kicks off a week of activities planned by the senior class board and the PTSO. The class planning board has been working hard all year to make senior week as traditional as possible. “Seniors have had a difficult year, as we all have had–but with only one week left, we’re certainly hoping that it’s one that’s memorable,” said senior class president Rahem Hamid.

“We’re starting it off with the first Senior Scavenger Hunt, lasting from this Saturday until Tuesday 6/1. The winners will receive some gift card prizes,” said Hamid. Tuesday will also include graduation run-through and class night. During class night, the superlatives section of the senior video will premier to the entire grade. The video has been filmed by senior class vice president Steven Liao and planning board member Alex Tao over the past few weeks. 

Wednesday will be the elementary school walk-through, which is a tradition for seniors. Liao says that he is really excited to see all of his old teachers and revisit where he grew up with all of his classmates. Recognition night will also be held on Wednesday night.

Seniors will finally get their long-awaited senior gala on Thursday night, which is being planned by the PTSO. “I’m really excited to dress up with my friends and have a really fun night. I think after this year it’s so important that we cherish these moments together and I’m really excited to wrap up this year with a great senior prom,” said Prabhakara. Senior secretary Fiona Wu says that it is even more important to her because she was not able to have a junior prom and this is the last celebration with her grade. 

The last two events for senior week will be food trucks on Saturday and graduation at Sharon Middle School on Sunday, June 6th. 

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