Sharon Volleyball Hits the Court

By: Simone Dunbar — Managing Editor

An eventful week of volleyball for Sharon’s Varsity team brings their record to 0-4 after falling to Oliver Ames on Tuesday and King Phillip on Thursday.

Oliver Ames took Sharon in 3 sets, but not without a fight. Sharon just missed the final set in a close 23-25 point match. Minutes after suffering the loss to OA, Sharon left the gym with heads high and smiles beaming.

Junior Olivia Nau says she accounts the post-game excitement to the level of Sharon’s playing. “Everyone kind of understood that despite us losing there were a lot of really good plays,” explained Nau. 

She says that although the game was difficult, the team played very well. “OA is notoriously a tough school to play against, so I think that the Sharon team really rose to the challenge,” she said.

Nau says that they had a couple of mistakes that were the result of great playing rather than unforced errors, which had been a concern in Sharon’s previous games.

Varsity setter Sonja Gray comments that Tuesday was the best game they have had all season. 

“They showed a lot of heart. I was disappointed for them that they couldn’t pull it out,” said Varsity coach Bill Schustek.

Coach Schustek says that Sharon definitely needs to work on serving, but he is confident that the other pieces of the game are solidifying nicely.

Senior Libero Emily Rubenstein says that although she is upset that Sharon did not win because it is the best they have played in a while, she recognizes the skill of the Oliver Ames team was greater than theirs. 

Rubenstein emphasizes that one of Sharon volleyball’s biggest issues is that they “play up and down”. She says that when facing better teams, like Oliver Ames and King Phillip, the team increases their level of play to that of the opponent; accordingly, Sharon also struggles to bring intensity when facing lower level teams.

“We played down to Milford. We played down to North Attleboro. Honestly, we played two of the worst teams and couldn’t even beat them,” she said. 

Rubenstein says it is necessary to focus on playing the way they did against OA and KP in the team’s remaining games.

Nau agrees with Rubenstein saying, “Our first couple of games were not that great, but this past one showed us our potential and that our team is pretty solid. I think we can definitely win a couple more games in the future,” she said.

Many players also comment on the importance of full stands.

“The home game energy was unmatched, and it lifted our spirits,” says junior Emily Coplan.

Junior Tess Letendre says they were very good at staying excited throughout the game.

“Because the game was so exciting, everyone was kind of hyped up. It was fantastic that we had such a great crowd, so thank you to the football and soccer teams for showing up and cheering,” said Coach Schustek.

Nau is optimistic for the rest of the season saying, “We are hopeful for the future, and we will continue to work hard and play our best for SHS.”

“We can only go up from here,” said senior Trinity Payne.

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