Field Hockey Week 5 Update

By: Ashley Young — Correspondent

Sharon’s Varsity Field Hockey team traveled to Attleboro and Stoughton this week with hopes of earning their first win. On Tuesday, the Eagles struggled to find their stride against the Bombardiers in an 11-0 loss. Against the Black Knights, the Eagles changed their attitudes and showed up in a close game, but ultimately lost 1-0. 

Heading into Friday’s game against Stoughton, both teams held a record of 0-9 and were hungry for their first win. “Against Stoughton we had hope and intensity heading into the game because we knew both teams performed similarly, and we knew that we had the ability to do well against them. There was this energy and excitement on the field and on the sidelines that I had never seen from the team,” said junior Tanya Wadekar.

The chance of winning their senior night on home turf gave Stoughton the edge over Sharon. The Eagles ended the week with an 0-10 record and only seven games left in the season. 

“I think in Friday’s game we did a really good job on marking up and being aggressive when it came to fighting for the ball,” said junior Trisha Brahmachari. 

Senior captain Shiraz Becker added that using the sideline tremendously improved Sharon’s offensive play against Stoughton. “When we dribble the ball tight to the sideline and the opposing team tries to take it away, it most of the time leads to them hitting it out of bounds and then it is declared ours again since it hit their stick last before going out. When you continue to do this, it allows you to slowly take it up the field crossing into the opposing teams territory,” said Becker.

The Eagles will face Stoughton for the last time this season on October 28th for their senior night. “I think the home field advantage that we will have the next time we face them is going to help us a lot because Stoughton is used to playing on turf while we practice on grass. So, I think the fact that we are accustomed to playing that particular game pace will also be to our advantage,” said Brahmachari.

“We are going to bring that same intensity and excitement next time we face them at home for our senior night and we know we have the ability to win against them,” said Wadekar.

The Eagles face both Franklin, the current #1 team in the Hockomock League, and North Attleboro, at home next week. The team hopes to continue to bring the intensity against next week’s competitors, and hope to see positive changes in the record as the season begins to come to a close.

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