SHS Girls Basketball Opening Week

By: Simone Dunbar— Managing Editor

Sharon Girls’ Basketball hit the court last week featuring a starting lineup of senior captain Trinity Payne, junior captain Tess Letendre, Jasmine Davis, Rachael Hager, and Eva Poulter. 

On Tuesday, the Eagles were neck and neck with Milford, and thanks to a three-pointer by sophomore Rachael Hager, the teams were tied at the buzzer, pushing the first game of the season into overtime. Sharon pulled ahead, securing a five-point lead and ultimately a victory. 

Sophomore Jasmine Davis was pivotal to the team’s success in Milford according to Letendre. “[Davis scored] 32 points and had 29 rebounds which were impressive and a big part of the game,” said Letendre.

Facing North Attleboro on Friday, Sharon lost some of the fire shown earlier in the week and fell 11 points short.

“We were up in the very beginning of the game, but in the third quarter we fell, and [the game] got away from us. It would have been a much closer game if we were able to keep up our lead,” Letendre said. She says the team became tired in the second half, which “messed with [their] mojo”.

As week one closes, the Eagles are 1 – 1. Payne hopes for future wins, saying that she looks forward to a successful season as long as the team continues to focus on basics like boxing out and passing well.

Both captains say they are excited to see how the team, composed mostly of first-year varsity players, works together as the season progresses. Payne says she is interested in how they will improve after some more time playing together and “gelling as a team”.

Letendre says the new additions will make a large difference for the program. “I think the season is going to go much better than last year. We have a lot of good new assets to the team that will help through this year, and I’m just glad to be welcoming so many new players to the team especially when I can already see their talent,” said Letendre.

Payne says everyone hopes to make the state tournament this year as changes to the power rankings offer spots to teams playing in higher-level leagues like the Hockomock. 

While Letendre agrees, she says this season her focus is more on improvement both as a team and as individuals. “I just want to be able to see improvements within the team, because that’s pretty much what we’re here for: to work on our basketball skills,” said Letendre.

Feeding on the energy of their home opener, Sharon hopes to earn their second win of the season tonight against Taunton.

Payne hopes for a good game. “I think that we match up well, and it will be competitive,” said Payne.

Letendre says she is excited to see how this game goes with their new assets. “I know Taunton has grown as a team this year as well so I’m hoping for a fast paced and competitive game ending in a nice win to keep our heads up for the future,” said Letendre.

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