The Tandana Foundation

By: Isaac Tsymberov — Guest Correspondent

Sophomores in the World Studies classes at Sharon High School are currently working to help high school students in Ecuador beautify their school. 

The World Studies classes are holding a bake sale on Wednesday, Jan. 19, after school in the auditorium foyer. The tenth graders aim to raise funds to repaint the exterior of the Ulpiano Navarro School and to set up a bike rack to store the bikes that the students use to travel to school in Quichinche each day.

SHS tenth grade students have met several times over Zoom with students from Quichinche; they also are exchanging letters, playlists, and recipes to learn more about each other’s cultures. Translations from English to Spanish have been provided by students in Spanish teacher Mr. Christopher Brillant’s AP Spanish classes.

There has been a focus on establishing friendships and respect for each other, as this is taught as being an important aspect of philanthropy. 

“Just donating makes one simply look flashy, while building healthy relationships is what can help donations do the most good,” said Class of 2024 President Jack Maron.

The collaboration began last year after World Studies teacher Ms. Lori Ayotte contacted Laura Resau, the author of The Queen of Water, a nonfiction book about Ecuador that World Studies classes had read. Ayotte asked Resau how classes could have an impact and solve some of the real world problems mentioned in the book, and was connected to the Tandana Foundation. This foundation works on helping different communities through building healthy philanthropic relationships based on mutual respect. 

Last year, the four World Studies sophomore classes met through Zoom with elementary school students in Urkusiki, Ecuador, and were able to raise funds for the students to obtain musical instruments and a grant for a teacher to teach them for several months. 
Donations are also being accepted at Please select “Sharon High School Project” under the “What would you like your donation to go towards?” dropdown menu.

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  1. I’m so thrilled that my book with Maria Virginia Farinango sparked this meaningful connection! I’m deeply impressed with the students from your school and from Ecuador! Good wishes to you all…


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