Meet the Staff: Ms. Davis

By: Rachel Zaretsky and Sophie Hu — Correspondents

If you’ve seen a very vivacious and energetic new face in the halls, it may be Ms. Laurie Davis. 

Ms. Davis has recently filled in the spot of Mr. Yee who resigned at the end of the first semester. She currently teaches unleveled, standard, and honors English classes. 

Davis attended Watertown High School, and has studied at Bentley, Regis, Framingham, and Harvard, and is currently earning her third master’s degree at Suffolk in criminal justice reform. 

Before coming to Sharon High School, Davis taught at Middleborough High School. 

Ms. Rebbeca Smoler, Sharon’s English language arts coordinator, says that there was a  limited number of candidates due to the pandemic but “it only takes one strong candidate, and we were lucky to find Ms. Davis.”

Smoler says that Davis fit the criteria the department was looking for. “Since teachers work with many different adults and students, it is also vital for the candidate to be reflective, collaborative, and open to new ideas,” said Smoler.

“Ms. Davis is an experienced teacher who brings a lot of passion and enthusiasm for teaching ELA. Her commitment to student achievement and her content knowledge and love of literature and writing make her an excellent fit for our department,” Smoler added. 

Davis says that she has been enjoying her time here at SHS so far. “Everything is different here from Middleborough, but kids are kids and the subject never changes… I’m always super happy in a classroom,” said Davis.

Besides teaching, Davis enjoys reading. “I read a lot about a variety of different topics,” she says, “My favorite books are New Jim Crow and The Color of Law.” 

She lives with her husband and three cats. “I have three cats! They’re the best!” “Gizmo, Gideon, And Tabitha,” said Davis 

Davis shared with the Talon some of her favorite things:

Favorite Sandwich: “Steak and cheese subs. Has to be a hot sandwich.”

Favorite breakfast: “For breakfast, I eat a bagel. A sesame seed bagel [and] cream cheese”

If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life, what would it be: “Pepperoni pizza, with extra crunchy pepperoni.”

Hidden Talent: “I can quote things. I’m really good at quoting things. Movies, TV shows, etc.”

Favorite Office Quote:  “‘Identity theft is not a joke, Jim.’” 

Favorite Office episode: Stress Relief (Season 5, Episodes 14/15) 

Early bird or Night Owl: “I’m a night owl, 100%.”

Something you can’t live without: “My cats”

Advice to high school self: If I were to give myself a piece of advice, it would be to not worry so much about what other people think… I think a lot of people do that… they forgot to consider what you want, what you think. 

Davis says she hopes to inspire her students and positively impact her community. “I’m interested in how I [can] change the world,” said Daivs.

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