New Elective Offering: Intro to Business

By: Abby Gott — School News Editor

If you have been concerned about the lack of business courses at Sharon High, don’t fret, a new intro to business course is being offered starting in the fall. 

Senior Sharon High School students Sophie Zmoira and Sasha Fein proposed an introduction to business course in January, and it has since been approved. Both students founded the Sharon High School DECA club in 2019, a chapter of an international business competition organization, and they serve as the presidents. 

Zmoira says that there have been very minimal opportunities to explore business in school, so they wanted to bring this class to SHS to give other students a chance to explore business. “It is important because many other schools have business classes and their students have experience in the business field before college, so we wanted to give Sharon students a chance,” said Zmoira.

Fein says they were given an independent study this year to create a proposal for this elective. “During our study, we spent time researching business topics, gathering data from other schools, and getting opinions from administrators,” said Fein. 

Physical Education Teacher and DECA advisor, Mr. David Morse, will be teaching the Intro to Business elective. 

Morse says that he is very excited to teach the course. “A substantially large portion of our students pursue business after high school. Our curriculum was not serving that large population of students and I feel like this is an incredibly valuable tool for our students,” said Morse. 

Zmoira says that this course will explore many different sectors of business. “I hope this single elective is the start to an entire business department for Sharon, that will eventually include a variety of business classes,” said Zmoira. 

Morse says that he is hoping that any student who is interested in business will want to take this course to learn and get a better understanding of the many different aspects of the business world. “The plan is to provide students with the relevant competencies for business but also dive into business simulation exercises and real-world business practices like managing and running our new school store,” said Morse. 

SHS Senior and Chief Financial Officer of the SHS DECA chapter, Owen Kevorkian says that business isn’t touched upon in any other class other than Economics. “I wish I could’ve learned more about business in high school but DECA definitely satisfied a good chunk of that need,” said Kevorkian. 

“Sophie Zmoira and Sasha Fein were great at planning and leading our club meetings, as well as keeping our executive board on task,” added Kevorkian. 

SHS Senior Evan Jaffe says that he thinks this course is a very good offering for students. “I mean I really enjoyed my AP Economics class and if given the opportunity this year I would have taken a business class. I think it’s gonna be a great experience for generations of Sharon high schoolers in the future,” said Jaffe. 

“I hope this course inspires students to possibly pursue a career in business,” added Fein. 

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