Sharon High School Local Arguments

By: Sarah Yi — Print Editor-in-Chief

As Sharon High School seniors finalize their post graduate plans, many look to local community organizations as scholarship sponsors for Sharon residents and students.

Many of these local scholarships are set up in memory or in honor of people. “It’s a good way for students to connect with past graduates from the school or families connected with our school,” said Administrative Assistant Ms. Dawn Phelps. 

Phelps says she encourages all seniors to apply for these scholarships and to turn in their completed application to the counseling office no later than March 31.

“The local scholarships are specifically for Sharon residents, Sharon High School kids, and students who reside in Sharon and may attend other schools, but the pool is small,” said Phelps.

She says there is one standard application that, once filled out and a short personal statement is attached, will qualify you for about fifteen different scholarships. “Then, we probably have another twenty to twenty five scholarships that are all individual scholarships,” Phelps added. “You can find them on Naviance listed under local scholarships, and then the scholarship name.”

Phelps says that each of the individual scholarships have their own application, their own due date, and their own way of submission. “Some of them may be mailing, some may be email,” she said.

“The Sharon Local Scholarships application, the standard one, is due March 31,” Phelps said.

She says that those forms can be turned in to the counseling office. “As I said, the other scholarships’ deadline depends on how the donor sets up the scholarship. So they can have different deadlines, different qualifications, some may or may not need essays,” added Phelps.

Phelps says that everybody should apply for scholarships. “You never know what they can give you. There are certain criteria set up by the donors,” she said. “But you never know if there is some application that is going to spark or intrigue them, assuming you qualify for it.”

In the past couple of years, Phelps says they’ve had some scholarships that nobody has applied for. “If there had just been one applicant, they would’ve gotten it. So you should go for all of them,” she added.

“Everybody should be checking their Naviance because some scholarship donors have not gotten back to me yet, so we are continually adding them,” said Phelps. Naviance is where all the updates will come through, as to reminders for when to turn in an application. 

Phelps adds that she is also going to put together a slide for the TV showing the scholarship information. “There will be a binder in the counseling office that’s going to list all the descriptions of the scholarships so if anybody has any other questions they can come down here and talk to us and look through that book,” said Phelps. 


Attention SHS Seniors!  The Town of Sharon and local community organizations will again be sponsoring scholarships for residents of Sharon and Sharon High School students. Scholarships will go live in Naviance on Wednesday, February 16th and remain active through Thursday, March 31st. To find the scholarship links or applications, go into your Naviance account and look under the “College” tab.

You will find individual scholarships listed as SHARON LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP – (Scholarship Name). Each of these scholarships requires a separate application.

Among the scholarships is the SHARON LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 2022. By completing this one application you will be considered for an additional 12 scholarships.

If you have any questions, please stop in to see us in the Counseling office.

Please continue to check your emails and Naviance as more scholarships will be added throughout the month.

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