Ms. Coufos Joins the SHS Staff

By: Rachel Zaretsky — Correspondent

Ever wonder what happened to the school store after COVID? Well, you’ll be glad to know that it is being used again! The space, which is in the cafeteria, serves as an office for SHS staff’s newest member, Ms. Coufos who recently joined Sharon High School as an adjustment counselor.

Coufos grew up on the North Shore and attended North Andover High School. She later studied at UMass Amherst for her undergraduate degree and Boston College for her graduate degree.

Cofus says that while she was in college she originally wanted to be a math teacher. “I was doing so well in high school and got to UMass Amherst. I made it through calculus, college calculus I, college calculus II. Once I got to differential equations, that was too much for me and I switched over to psychology,” said Coufos.

“I initially was a math major… [and] an education minor, so when I switched to psychology, I still kept that education minor. I always knew that I wanted to work with either middle school or high school students,” Coufos added.

Before coming to Sharon High, Coufos was a guidance counselor at Pinkerton Academy, a high school in New Hampshire, where she worked with about 300 students. At Sharon, she currently works with about 20 to 30 students. 

Coufos says there are differences between her job and other school counselors in the building.  “School counselors or guidance counselors… focus on a student’s academics [and] help students plan post high school. Whether they are going into the military, college, you know whatever path they’re taking,” said Coufos. 

She says her work as an adjustment counselor is slightly different. “As a school adjustment counselor, I mostly work with my students on their social and emotional learning. We do a lot of things… like personal goal setting…A lot of the counseling that I provide is very solution focused,” Coufos added.

In order to get to know her better, we asked Ms. Coufos some fun questions:

What’s your favorite color?

“I really like navy blue…Can I pick a second favorite color?…When I went to UMass Amherst maroon was one of my college colors, when I went to Boston College for graduate school, maroon was also a color at BC, and maroon is also a color here at Sharon, so maroon just kinda follows me around. So navy and maroon.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“I love running, [and I] love to work out! I’m a gym rat, so you’ll catch me at the gym five days a week.”

“When I’m not working out, I love going on little weekend vacations with my fiancé and we like exploring new places in New England… We like to see what fun restaurants and activities  there are to do just a couple hours away from here.”

What is your favorite food?

“Oh man, anything with carbs. So I think Chicken Marsala and anything with pasta.”

Are you an early bird or night owl?

“Early bird. I like to be in bed on weeknights and be in my bed by like 9:30 pm.”

What is something/someone you can’t live without?

“Family, friends, my fiancé, they are my biggest support system. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to survive.”

Do you have any pets?

“No, I actually did not grow up with any pets. I was afraid of dogs until 3 years ago. But now they are growing on me. I think when my fiance and [I] buy our first home we would like to get a golden retriever. It’s taken me a long time, but I am definitely a dog person.”

Cereal or milk first?

“Cereal first then the milk. If you do it the other way, that’s a problem. I put my cheerios in first, then the milk, then the spoon.”

What is something interesting about you?

“So, I am Greek and I am very proud of my heritage. So, my family is very fun and loud. Maybe some people may perceive us as obnoxious, but we know how to throw a good party. All 4 of my grandparents were born in Greece and they all came over here. Both my parents are Greek, my whole family is Greek. It’s awesome. I love it.”

Any advice to your high school self?

It never hurts to ask, because the worst anyone will ever say is no. So, if you are curious about something or if you want to know if something can be done another way, just ask.”

“Sometimes things will go your way, and sometimes they won’t. More often than not, if you’re asking someone who is a kind-hearted person, they’ll make an adjustment for you. So it never hurts to ask. That’s a good motto to live by, and I wish I knew that sooner.”

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