Sharon High Varsity Tennis Pre-Season

By: Ruemon Bhattacharyya — Correspondent

With the start of the 2022 Spring sports season, the 2022 tennis season at Sharon High is looking optimistic.

Last year, the Sharon Tennis team placed second in the Hockomock league and made it to the semi-finals of the MIAA State tournament, eventually falling to state champions Brookline. However, with the arrival of talented freshmen and the continued support of long-time players, the Sharon High varsity tennis team is looking to make it even further in the MIAA state tournament. 

Captain, Mitchell Weiss, says that the arrival of new players will be very helpful in making the final push to win the state tournament. “I believe that we have a good group of new players who will be trying out and I hope that they will be able to help our team make it further in the state tournament,” said Weiss. 

Sharon tennis coach, Joan Cutter, says she is excited for the season. “Looking forward to another great season of Sharon Team Tennis with returning players and new players excited about competing and growing their games,” said Coach Cutter. 

Former Captain and Sharon High Graduate of the Class of 2020, Jake Ross, says this will be one of the strongest seasons for Sharon tennis. “People should be very excited about this season. Having no changes to the core of the lineup is fantastic as every player is going into this season with some real match play experience,” said Ross. 

Grant Barron, former Captain, Tennis Assistant and Sharon High Graduate of the Class of 2015, says the starting line up will be very strong. “The team is looking strong with all of the starters returning. I think we will be able to utilize the line up nicely. It will take some time to get off the tennis rust but the team will be ready by the time of the MIAA state tournament,” said Barron. 

Sophomore doubles player, Alex Budovalcev, is excited to bring more energy this year to the team. “Last year it was harder with the pandemic, now with loosened restrictions I hope we can have more support. This year we also have team managers who hopefully can bring more fun to the team,” said Budovalcev.  

“I hope the weather gets warmer and less windy soon though because tryouts and practices have been canceled or pretty difficult,” added Budovalcev. 

Seyon Wijendran, senior and member of the team since freshman year, says he wants this to be his best season. “Even though I’m not one of the starters I hope I can support the starters to have the best season possible. Games are always fun and I have a good feeling about this year with the new freshmen and returning players,” said Wijendran. 

“I think Captains Mitchell, Ruemon, and Max are fun and good players who will help us all improve our games and lead us to a good season,” added Wijendran.

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