Get to Know Ms. Kaplan

By Inbar Rabinovsky— Correspondent

Ms. Kaplan, a former SHS student, has recently become a teacher at her old high school. 

Sharon High School has a lot of new teachers this year, and many of them come from other districts. Throughout the pandemic, a lot of teachers chose to take a break or retire. Kaplan previously taught in Summerset for a year and Hull for four years. 

Kaplan isn’t new to the town, yet the building is new for her as it is for all the students. “This is my first year in Sharon; however, I did grow up in Sharon and I went to Sharon High School, graduating in 2013,” said Kaplan. 

As a first-year Geometry teacher, Kaplan is looking forward to seeing how the year goes. “You know, even if I didn’t go here, I think I would love it right away. Just because everybody has been so so kind,” said Kaplan. 

Kaplan went to Wheaton college and competed in track and field. “While I was in college I actually would come back to Sharon on breaks and help coach,” said Kaplan.

Kaplan followed in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a math teacher. Her mother Ms. Kathleen Kaplan taught math at Sharon Middle School. “She truly is my greatest inspiration for becoming a teacher. My mom became involved with track and field coaching, math team, and makeup crew. I saw her do all these amazing things around the school and raise me and my brothers at the same time,” said Kaplan. 

Out of school she enjoys staying active and being with her family. She is engaged and getting married in the summer. “I love being active and I like to run so I’m kinda excited because I get to run around the lake again,” said Kaplan. 

Kaplan says she is excited to be back and meet her new colleagues. “I really loved high school. I loved all my teachers so I knew I would have good colleagues,” said Kaplan. 

The environment is so welcoming that Kaplan feels at ease coming back. “You know, it felt like going back home. I am such a homebody that I know I was looking forward to going home,” said Kaplan. 

Kaplan likes the new building and especially likes how her classroom has big open windows which give a lot of natural light. “I love the giant windows, because I love natural sunlight,” said Kaplan. 

In her free time, Kaplan enjoys running and attending a cross fit gym. “I am a part of a cross fit gym, so that is one of my interests. I also used to coach cross fit,” said Kaplan. 

During her time at SHS, Kaplan was also a part of the gymnastics team. She earned herself the All Around State gymnastics title which she is very proud of. Her name is also on a banner in the gymnasium. “That was a top moment in high school for me…I just loved that it’s something in the school that will always be there,” said Kaplan. 

Kaplan lives with her fiance and 2 cats. “I have 2 kittens. My kitten’s names are Gibby and Hugh. Gibby is my orange kitten and Hugh is my black kitten. They are brothers,” said Kaplan. 

“I’m just proud to be back in Sharon and proud to teach here because I had wonderful teachers. Now being a part of it is awesome,” said Kaplan. 

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