Introducing Ms. Accardi

By: Jack Glassman—Sports Editor

Ms.Breanna Accardi is a new science teacher who came to Sharon due to the high school being a good size fit and due to her husband, Mr. David Accardi, being a science teacher here as well. 

Growing up as a student highly interested in science, she always had a feeling that she would lean more towards science rather than other subjects as a teacher. “I actually started off in college being a special education teacher and then I missed science and the labs,” said Accardi. 

Accardi has been in many different environments with many different students, but she says Sharon students are special. “It’s very diverse…you never know what you’re gonna get,” said Accardi. 

Accardi also notes that the students at Sharon High are very academically motivated compared to the other schools she has worked at. However, this was no surprise to Accardi as her husband, Mr.Accardi, has told her all about them. “It’s different because it’s the majority of kids. I’m used to having them [academically motivated kids] sprinkled throughout,” said Accardi. 

“I pass out paper and everyone’s like, ‘Oh we just do it’. There’s not seven paper airplanes,” she added. 

Outside of school, Ms. Accardi and her husband have two girls. Although being home is seen as a break from teaching, Ms.Accardi’s love for science extends beyond school grounds. This love for science rubs off onto her children. “They [the kids] get a lot of science at home and we have some boring conversations at dinner,” she said. 

A gene that many teachers possess is intelligence. This gene was clearly passed down to one of Accardi’s girls as she says that she is too smart for her own good. While her child may not be on the same education level as her students at SHS, it seems she is above them in terms of cleverness as Accardi says, “She can get out of anything, it’s crazy”. 

More than anything, Ms.Accardi is excited for this new year of teaching full of driven students in a brand new building. The new building is a big change for most of us while it’s an even bigger change for Ms.Accardi, for she moved from a completely different school district. “I’m in survival mode for year one,” she said jokingly.

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