Intro to Boy’s Soccer

By: Jack Glassman—Sports Editor

The Boys’ Varsity Soccer Team, ranked third in the Hockomock, is looking more skilled  than ever. The team started off the season with a 1-1-1 record, but it is certain that they will be racking up many wins over the next few months.

For the boys, chemistry and skill will carry them through the season. Full of upperclassmen, the team is looking to be a serious contender for the Hockomock league title. The players are ecstatic to play in front of the home crowd under the lights and they hope that they can take the fans’ energy and use it to secure each win.

Each of the players on the team is focused with one goal in mind: win! “I think we have a lot of talent and we are looking better and taking things more seriously than we have in past years,” said Senior Captain Brandon Mauricio.

The team’s high-level of chemistry is as a result of the time they spent on the field together throughout their lives. “Our team has been tight because of this core group of guys growing up together and also playing soccer,” said Senior Captain Adam Eastman.

Like many other seniors, Eastman is ecstatic for the season ahead and hopes that his excitement is reciprocated by his teammates and the fans, and there are high hopes for the boys to secure the Hockomock league title. “It’s the big leagues now and we’re ready to have a shot at the championship,” said Eastman. 

The Nest (the fan section) will soon be returning to Sharon High School and the soccer players are looking forward to seeing their classmates support their team. “People need to show out, show some spirit, tell their friends to come and tell their families to come. The more people the better,” said Mauricio. 

Coach Scott Nathan also agrees that it is important to the team that people show their support for boys’ soccer. “The boys thrive on the energy from playing at home,” said Nathan.

One morning before the season’s start the captains decided to schedule a run around Lake Massapoag for the team at 4 A.M. This run acted mainly as a test to see if each player really cared about their soccer season ahead of them. “The run was less for conditioning, more for initiative. We just wanted to get the ‘dog’ out of people,” said Mauricio. 

The boys showed up for their run to show initiative, but more than anything, they show up every day for each other. “People need to understand that we’re a team. We work for each other and run through walls for each other,” said Senior Captain Rhys Davis.

“As a coach, they show me that they are in this together,” said Nathan.

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