Sharon High School Welcomes a New Librarian!

By: Ethan Horvitz—Sports Editor

After a few years without a librarian, Sharon High School has welcomed a new staff member this year. 

Sharon High School has been struggling with finding staff through the pandemic with many people retiring or leaving their job. The school has been in need of a librarian for two years. This year, Sharon welcomed Mr. Alex Scarelli-Smith. 

Previously an English teacher at Concord High School in New Hampshire, Scarelli-Smith chose Sharon High because of its status. “Sharon Has a really good reputation in the state of Massachusetts,” said Scarelli-Smith. 

Scarelli-Smithis an avid reader and says that he loved literary fiction. However, even if the genre is not his favorite he is willing to try out any book. “Definitely literary fiction for sure, but I will try anything recommended to me”, he said.

Outside of the school setting, Scarelli-Smith has lots of hobbies that he takes part in throughout the days and on weekends, “I love watching TV, reading is a big one, I also like to run. That’s sort of like my main hobby,” he said. 

“I’ve done half marathons, 5k races, 10k races, but now it’s just running,” he added. 

Scarelli-Smith loves the library and says it is a great new space, but he does wish to add books and change the atmosphere a little bit. “Getting new books in, expanding our fiction collection, and genrefying the fiction collection,” he said.

Sharon High School has  access to databases again allowing students to view more books and sites. “They are really important for students who are college bound and students who want to find trustworthy and accurate information,” said Scarelli-Smith.

Sharon’s new library will be able to be used for after school work or to act as a quiet escape.  “That’s really the main goal, to make sure the library is an escape for academic study and enrichment,” he said.

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