Welcome Ms. DeLuca!

By Travis Young —Correspondent

While others loved playing sports like football, basketball, or soccer, Ms. Deanne DeLuca, one of the new teachers at Sharon High School, loves to play Ultimate Frisbee. Ms. DeLuca will be teaching 2 sections of Accelerated Geometry and 2 sections of Algebra II this year.

Although originally from New York, she went to school and college in South Carolina, where her parents, siblings and pet, Brutus, reside. “Although I am originally from New York, I went to school in South Carolina, where my parents currently reside with my two younger siblings and my pet Bearded Dragon named Brutus.”

Even though others, including DeLuca’s teachers, didn’t believe in her ability to become a teacher, DeLuca says she was determined to become an educator.  “I was always told not to be a teacher but I really enjoyed tutoring, so finally when I was in college I said to myself, ‘You know what? I love math, I might as well be a teacher,’ and then I went for it,” said DeLuca.

Throughout her life, DeLuca has loved to play Ultimate Frisbee, and hopes to be the coach of the Sharon High School’s Girls JV Ultimate team, “I love to play ultimate frisbee, and I’ll be coaching the JV girls team this year hopefully. Still not official, but that’s my goal.” 

At South Carolina University, she couldn’t seem to put her finger on what she wanted to do in the future. So, after college, she ended up with 2 degrees. “I did a one year masters program at SCU, but I have 2 degrees, I have a criminal justice degree and a math degree,” she said. 

Now, DeLuca is a teacher who loves the students and the brand new building, “I love SHS! I also love this new building, and all of the students who are so amazing and eager to learn,” she said.

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