Intro to Girl’s Soccer

Family on three…

By: Taylor Standring—Correspondent

The Sharon High School Girls Soccer Team has been taking the field with intensity to kick off the 2022 Fall season. Sharon went 2-0 at their final pre-season tournament which sent them into the regular season with much needed confidence. 

So far, the Eagles are climbing in the Davenport Division, starting out with a smoking 5-1 win against Taunton. Despite an unfortunate loss to Canton, it appears the players regained some steam as they won three in a row against Milton, Milford, and Foxboro.

This year’s squad has shown massive improvement from last year. Senior Captain Amber Marcus-Blank says, “I’ve never seen such a strong team in any of my years playing high school soccer. The team dynamic is so close and you are able to see that on the field when we control each game”. 

Coach Sullivan chose three powerful freshmen to add to the roster this season. Freshman forward Jessica Li says, “The upperclassmen are very welcoming to the newcomers and that makes us feel very included. This allows us to build a special bond so on the field, we can trust and motivate each other.” 

As the Eagles make their way through their season they are looking to continue winning and ultimately earn themselves a spot at the state tournament. Marcus-Blank expresses her optimistic views for the season saying, “Honestly, I think we could accomplish anything we want. We have played so well thus far and we are absolutely getting to the state tournament.” 

These players are looking to fulfill their hopes of reaching achievements that seemed impossible in the past. Captain Sofia Goclowski says, “I see this team having a record number of wins and securing a top spot in the Hockomock League”. The girls have already completed that first goal, having four wins in the first month.

The energy these players radiate turns into fuel for games, allowing the ladies to continue putting up many great wins. “It’s so exciting seeing everyone work hard and put everything they have into this season and I am so ready to see us continue to win,” says Marcus-Blank.

Players Q&A:

What is the best thing about being a part of this team?

“I love being a part of a community. The people I have met here help me be a better player”, said Sophomore Nasiba Alikulova.

What are the strengths of this team?

“We have a super supportive, happy, and fun environment on the field and it is also carried off the field too”, said Junior Jordanna Morris.

As a whole, what are we looking to improve throughout the rest of this season? 

Senior Maddy Tajalli says, “As a whole, I think we need better passing sequences because that would put more balls in the back of the net”. Alikulova agreed with this and added, “ We could definitely work on more plays to move the ball up the field efficiently.”

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