Sharon Volleyball Lands Two Back-to-Back Wins with the Support of The Nest

By Tess Letendre — School News Editor

Sharon High Girls Volleyball gets a solid start to the season as they take Canton to 5 sets and roll out with the win! Following this win, Sharon locks down another against Foxboro. Rolling into their fourth week of games with a 2-4 record.

Not only did Varsity secure a win against Canton, but Sharon Volleyball also swept Canton as JV and Freshman came out on top as well. “I feel pretty good about it, we swept!” says junior Maia Ben-Joseph.

Prior to the uplifting win against Canton, Sharon fell to Taunton losing in 4 sets. “I think the loss against Taunton was very disappointing but I think that it was necessary for us to kind of realize that we really have to focus up and make sure we’re all playing as a team,” said Senior Captain Olivia Nau. 

The Canton win sat well with this team, especially following some tough losses. “I think it was a good win, we definitely needed it after the loss against Taunton,” added junior Sophia Pandey. 

Without the loss against Taunton, the girl’s team would not have fought as hard to come out on top. “If we had won against Taunton I think we would have been a little cockier and in a way, I’m glad we got to experience losing so we know how good it feels to win,” said Nau. 

The student section, also known as ‘The Nest’, really showed up for the Foxboro game where Sharon hosted within the same week. “The crowd was way more lively than previous years and it seemed like everybody was getting into it,” said senior Ethan Horvitz.

Having the stands filled with peers, the energy in the gym goes through the roof. “It’s a whole different ball game when you have 50-100 of your friends cheering you on. Volleyball isn’t necessarily a sport a lot of people go to but when enough kids go and support the team it makes a big difference in the way the girls play.” said senior Jack Glassman after attending the Foxboro game. 

Freshman player Jessica Buchsbaum says the Nest plays an important role in the school. “The Nest brings the community together to support their peers,” she said.

Senior Captain Amanda Brown says the Nest delivers energy to the team. “Personally I think that The Nest brings the energy that sometimes our team is not able to give, when energy is a really big thing in the sport of volleyball. And sometimes we lack it so the nest just kind of helps us bring that back,” she said. 

The teams were neck and neck throughout all 5 sets of the game, but fortunately, the Eagles pulled through at the end, winning the 5th set, 15-11. “We could have easily beat them in 3 sets, but it was really exciting to win,” said Brown.

Player Masha Doljenkova says the support in the stands helped the team persevere. “Their support and their energy helped up push towards our win,” said Doljenkova.

“Definitely one of the best volleyball games I have seen in my viewing career,” said Horvitz. 

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