Intro to Cheer

By Inbar Rabinovsky— Correspondent

The Sharon High School Cheer Team aims for success as the new season rolls along.  

The Sharon High Cheer Team has competitions and weekly game days. On Friday nights the team has their halftime routine, stunts, and more. They also have a two and a half minute routine when for competition that is filled with stunts, dancing and tumbling. 

Senior Captain Tabitha Lam says the team has big goals for the new season even while having some changes. “This season is way different from the past seasons because we have two new amazing coaches that are helping the team not only learn new skills, but also have a fun season,” said Lam.

Last season, the team made it to the National Championships at Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida. However, the Championship did not end how the team wanted it to.  “I think that my goal for this season is to help the team win a state championship, to support the team the best that I can, and to come back better than before,” said Lam.

The team is working hard since they recently switched back to hockomock sports. This season they hope to be back at nationals, practicing 2 times a week at the middle school and once a week at Cheer Factor in Foxboro. “They are an all star gym, and one of their coaches is very generous and helps us out,” said Senior Captain Carmel Levin.  

The new captains look forward to bringing back traditions with this new team. “A team tradition that we have is before a very important competition the parents would set up a breakfast at the high school for the cheerleaders to have so they are filled with energy and do their best,” said Lam. 

Levin says she is super excited about game days with a bigger team. “I want everyone to show up to the games as much as possible, because  it’s so much fun and such an amazing atmosphere!” said Levin. 

This season the majority of the team is made up of new students but that isn’t stopping them from continuing their goals. “I really love the team, it’s a lot of new people which is really fun because I love meeting new people,” said Levin. 

Becoming a captain this year feels natural for Levin as it’s always been a goal she had since freshman year. “It’s kinda something I’ve wanted since freshman year, so it’s really cool to see that dream fulfilled,” said Levin. 

As one of the four captains, Lam says her favorite part is to support her teammates. “My favorite part of cheer is getting to support the team and the bus rides to the games and back because we all get to jam out to music,” said Lam.

Sophomore Megan Porcaro says she loves how everyone is willing to learn new things and help each other out. “I love how everyone is willing to learn new things and how everyone helps each other in everything inside and outside of cheer, and how everyone wants each other to do their best,” said Porcaro. 

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