Let there be Lights!

By Tess Letendre— School News Editor

The new high school opened with all its glory but lacked an important aspect of a student athlete’s life. All night games were canceled due to the broken lights on the new field. After weeks of changing game times and avoiding questions of when the lights would work, it is official that the lights are up and running!

Tomorrow night will kick off the season of night home games as Sharon Football will face Fairhaven under the lights. “The field lights passed their test on Tuesday, so the game is on for tomorrow. Tomorrow is our season kickoff,” says Dr. Nick Schlierf. 

This is uplifting for a handful of student athletes, because a lot have been upset with the broken lights. “I wish that this was an obstacle they tackled much earlier so we could enjoy our home games with our peers in the stands,” said soccer player Miguel Vasconcelos.

“It’s sad to have had our senior year feel lowered playing away from our school,” he added. 

Now that the lights are on and approved, the teams will enjoy their night games and seniors hold their heads high excited for their senior nights under the lights. “I was mostly upset about missing out on a senior night, so I am very excited to enjoy that part of my senior season,” added Vasconcelos. 

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