Do SHS Students Love the New Building?

By: Trisha Brahmachari – Editor-in-Chief

New year, new me, new building! Sharon High started the year off strong on Monday, August 29th. However, unlike other schools, Sharon High started their year in a new building. 

After a long three years, the new Sharon High School is opening its doors for students to come in and start their school year. In the Spring of 2016, the district began searching for securing state funding to renovate or build a new high school. SHS was one of three high schools to be invited into the MSBA’s 2017 Eligibility Period, and on September 18, 2020 construction began. The new school includes numerous aspects that the old school did not have such as a Senior-Only Lunch area, study break-out rooms, a rock climbing wall, and an indoor track. The doors were opened to the students on August 29th and all the students definitely have their opinions about it. 

“The new school is incredibly different from the old school. I like it, but I’m definitely more comfortable with the old school since I’ve been there for three years already,” said senior Vehnil Rangaraman.

The size of the new school is a lot bigger than the old school, filled with new facilities and a lot more space for students to use. “I feel like I saw things like a wrap-around track and conference rooms for student use in movies. It feels weird to see them in the school I go to everyday,” Rangaraman said. 

With the new facility came a myriad of new rules and regulations put in place. “I don’t really like some of the new rules just because I feel like they have all these new facilities, this completely new school for us and it feels like they don’t want us to experience it to its potential,” said senior Matthew Shore. 

“But I do understand that we have to earn trust after last year before we can get those privileges,” Shore added. 

Lunches have also been altered due to the larger carrying capacity of the cafeteria. Instead of four grade-specific lunches, administration has switched the lunch schedule to three mixed lunches. “I would change the lunches, I think all grades deserve to have lunches with their grades. I think it makes life easier,” said freshman Nina Kyei-Aboagye. 

There are definitely a few kinks to work out with the entry into a completely brand new building, but students are optimistic that everything will work out. “I’m optimistic that we will be able to use the facilities to their full potential in a few months. I think that once we work out the kinks and are in trust and are immersed into the new school we will be able to use the new school to its maximum potential,” said Shore. 

“Such a big change is definitely going to be hard. Change is always hard. However, I know that everything is going to work out and that the new building will be a really great building for the community of Sharon for many years to come,” said Rangaraman. 

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