Trying to End the Season Strong

By: Tess Letendre—School News Editor

Sharon Volleyball started off their week strong with a win. It’s been a rough few weeks for the team, as they faced a few of the hardest teams in the Hockomock, but luckily, the team was able to come back and fight for a win. 

On October 11, Volleyball faced off against North Attleboro and secured a win in 3 sets, after coming off of a 6 game losing streak. “It felt really amazing because we won in 3 sets and we came into the game not really expecting anything after losing so many games,” says Senior Captain Amanda Brown.

Sharon fought hard for their win and came together as a team to pull ahead. “I think that we worked together really well as a team and because of that we were able to achieve our win. I believe that we learned from this that we perform better when we have positive attitudes towards each other,” says junior Maia Ben-Joseph.

The team endured a bit of a losing streak which affected their attitude and team performance. “I think that once we began losing, we kind of got down on ourselves and didn’t think we were capable of pulling out a win,” says sophomore Sasha Nierenberg. 

After the win against North Attleboro, the team picked their heads up to end the season with a better attitude. “It felt really great to have a win after such a long losing streak and I think that the win will carry us into our future games and help boost our confidence,” adds Nierenberg.

“Honestly, I think it did boost our morale and everyone on our team needed to pick me up,” adds Brown.

Due to their streak of losses, the team went into their North Attleboro game with a bad feeling about the game, ready to just play. “I think we played a good game, we all played focused and calm. I think we didn’t have high expectations going into the game and therefore we just played how we know how to play,” says Captain Olivia Nau. 

Unfortunately, the team then fell to Canton on the 13th after 4 close sets. “I think that they improved over the season so it made sense, but it was also a tough game,” says sophomore player Piper Hanna. 

“It was a little disheartening since we beat Canton the last time we played them,” added junior Maia Ben-Joseph. 

The team kept up a good fight, securing a win in one of the sets but sadly could not contain the same energy through all 4 sets they played. “From my point of view on the bench, I saw that our energy was low and I knew we weren’t playing to our full potential,” says injured player Masha Doljenkova.

The girls hope to finish off their season with a few more wins. “I think we’re going to do great, I think we’re going to crush our future games against Norwood and Stoughton to finish out the season on a high note,” says Hanna. 

“We just need to keep our heads up for our upcoming games,” adds Doljenkova.

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