Welcome Mrs. Straton!

By: Rachel Spears—Political Editor

This school year brings not only a beautiful new building, but new students and teachers as well– one of which being a new biology teacher, Mrs. Jacquelyn Straton. 

Sharon High School is transitioning from the old to the new after the COVID pandemic and the building of a new school. New teachers are at the helm of this growth, changing the culture of the school. Like many of the students who were excited to meet the new teachers on the first day, the new staff members were equally as excited. Mrs. Straton is no exception to this.

Since high school she had wanted to be a teacher following a period of time during which a teacher changed her life for the better. Because of this teacher, Straton decided to pursue a career in education. ”Teaching is to help students to not just learn the content, but to better themselves and to know that someone cares about them.” she said. 

She is a member of the science department where she teaches biology, a topic that she is passionate about. “[I] always spent time outdoors and in nature so I decided to major in biology,” she said. During college she “further fell in love with it.” 

Mrs. Straton is currently in her twelfth year of teaching, and is coming from Keefe Regional Technical School in Framingham where she taught for 11 years. She was drawn to SHS by its students, describing it as a “community of learners that excel and care about their work.”  

Sharon’s location has also been a benefit. “I’m much closer to home so that’s a big plus,” Straton said. This has enabled her to “actually go to different events [like theater shows and sports games] to support students,” something she hopes to do more of as the year goes on. 

Mrs. Straton has already been enjoying her time at SHS and is excited for what is to come. “I’ve already been enjoying the students and how motivated they are to do work and of course the beautiful brand new building,” she said. 

In an interview conducted by Arts and Entertainment editor, Ahly Manzueta, Straton shared what she would like students to know about her. “I’m approachable and understandable and I know that a lot of you guys are under stress so always come to me if you’re having trouble and I’m not out to get you,” Straton said.

Coming to SHS during a time of transition, Straton voices her opinion regarding the many new policies being enacted this year including the limited wifi. “I think they are somewhat warranted… but I do think that sometimes during independent work I wish it was a little bit looser to allow students to listen to music,” she said.

She hopes to take a more enjoyable approach to teaching and learning. “I’m here to hopefully let you have fun and learn the material,” she said.

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