Senior Season

By: Trisha Brahmachari—Editor-In-Chief

Just months away from graduating, the Class of 2023 has taken on one of the hardest tasks a student can take: first semester of senior year.  

The first semester of senior year is often thought of as the hardest semester of high school. With increasingly hard courses, time-consuming extracurriculars, and growing personal commitments, the senior class also must tackle the college application process. Trampling through supplements, common app essays, sports, and battling early onset senioritis, SHS’s Class of 2023 provided the Talon with a special insight into what senior year is like.

“I am stressed but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see my mental health improve in the coming months,” said senior Aastha Patel. 

Many seniors have spoken out about how difficult it is to manage their school workload on top of managing piles of college essays. “Coming back, the courses weren’t too bad but they definitely cut a decent chunk out of my free time as well as my energy to work. Having to find both the time and energy, which usually cuts out of my sleep schedule, and work on my future and my present has been taking a toll,” says senior Vehnil Rangaraman.  

“Sometimes I feel like teachers just coordinate when to assign a lot of work and for some reason they always pick it up right before the quarter ends, which usually hasn’t been a problem but I have so many supplements to finish up that it feels kind of cruel,” Rangaraman added. 

Senior Sally Brouhard agrees and wishes that teachers were more mindful and accommodating. “Honestly I wish teachers gave us a little more time on the weekends considering that weekdays can be really exhausting and weekends are the main time where it’s possible to focus on college work,” she said. 

“I feel like it’s the feeling like you’re never done. Like even when you finish your homework, you still have more to do…,” Brouhard added. 

Seniors have also made comments about the help available at SHS. “I wish we could do more preparation during junior year and I wish more of the process was integrated into the scholastic curriculum rather than us looking outside of school for help,” said Patel. 

Brouhard agrees and wishes that help was a little more accessible. “ I also don’t think the help at school is really accessible. Obviously our guidance counselors are really busy and we appreciate them working hard to get our letters written and the fact that they have a lot of students, but it often feels like kids who already have relationships with the guidance department are the ones who can access them in a moment of need and not just for something academic related,” she said. 

Despite the growing stress, seniors have been trying to make it a priority to take breaks when needed. “I take time for myself by doing things that make me feel good, like going to the gym or doing self care routines that are good for me, or watching nostalgic movies,” said senior Olivia LeBlanc. 

Netflix is a popular method of stress relief. “ I’ve been watching a lot of netflix. Also I like to take time in the morning to just relax, and not worry about getting anything done,” said Brouhard. 

“The process can be painful but at the same time, it really is all necessary for success,” said LeBlanc. 

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