Powderpuff: The Game of the Year

By: Jack Glassman—Sports Editor

After trailing the whole game, the SHS seniors were able to come back and win the annual powderpuff game.

Because powderpuff is usually won by seniors, many believe that the game is constructed for the oldest in the school, but this year, the juniors almost pulled away with a win. After a long and hard-fought game, the seniors won 12-8 with a last minute touchdown.

The seniors knew that they could not lose powderpuff for the second year in a row. “We were going to win no matter what, there was no way we’d lose powderpuff our senior year,” said senior center Tess Letendre.

Senior running back Maude Kilmer had multiple long rushes alongside a game-winning touchdown from the opposing team’s five-yard line. “Maude jump started the offense each possession and finished the game for us,” said senior Coach Joden Chanel.

“The whole game was really tense, especially at the end, but when it was fourth down on the five yard line, we knew we had to pull ourselves together for one last play to secure the win,” senior running back Olivia Nau added.

The final play call was thanks to the coaches’ extensive football intelligence. “After we noticed that the left side of the field was the juniors’ weaker side defensively, we knew we had to run it that way,” said Chanel.

Before their final score, the seniors had reached the end zone multiple times in the fourth quarter, but their scores repeatedly got called back due to penalties. Letendre said, “We got into the end zone like three times before but it got called back for flags every time, so we were confident that we could score again just without any penalties”.

With their high team chemistry, the seniors never got down on themselves or each other, instead, they became mad at the referees for calling their touchdowns back. “We didn’t let the score affect us as a team, we were mad at the refs, but we still worked well together,” said senior quarterback Amanda Brown.

“All of us pulled together to make a good team,” added Nau.

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