Top Ten Moments of SHS Sports

By: Tess Letendre and Ethan Horvitz—School News Editor and Sports Editor

  1. Boys Soccer Advance to State Playoffs – Goals Secured by Senior Miguel Vasconcelos

To send the team to the playoffs, Sharon Boys Soccer topped Stoughton 2-1. Early in the game, Sharon fell 0-1. But with only 5 minutes left of the game, Senior Miguel Vasconcelos, who played center midfield and wing, scored 2 consecutive goals which pulled the Eagles ahead 2-1 for the win. This helped advance them into the playoffs, where the first game they played was North Attleboro. In the first round of states, Sharon started out strong and 15 minutes into the game, Miguel Vasconcelos, again, scored the first and only goal of the game. This win against North Attleboro pushed the team into the second round of playoffs. These games truly helped the team finish off their season strong as well as helped Vasconcelos’s stats, ending his senior season on a high note. 

  1. Junior Gabriel Korn sets a Sharon High School Football record. 

Junior Gabriel Korn sets a Sharon High School record in football this season. The record has been held for a number of years until now, the new record for rush touchdown in a career for Sharon High School is a staggering 21 touchdowns. Gabriel will be, once again, a captain for the team next year alongside a few other teammates, he hopes to make this record even harder to break next season by adding to it. 

  1. Senior Captain Natalie Kessler – Leading Field Hockey Goalie

The Sharon Field Hockey Team’s final record stood at 1-17. The goalkeeper for Sharon, Natalie Kessler, greatly assisted in their win as she secured a shutout against Milford, helping the team win 1-0. Out of 18 games, Kessler saved 324 shot attempts. These stats boosted Kessler to the goalie with the most saves in the Hockomock Sports League for Field Hockey. 

  1. Girls Soccer Leading Player – Sofia Goclowski 

To finish off their season, Sharon Girl’s soccer ended their regular season with a record of 5-2-10, just enough qualified for states. In their first round, they fell to Pembroke, but got an early goal by their lead scorer Sofia Goclowski. Goclowski led their team in both goals and assists, having 12 goals and 7 assists. As a senior captain, Goclowski helped guide her team through the season and fought hard in their first and last playoff game. Sofia Goclowski ended up within the top 10 in the Hockomock League for most goals, standing strong in 6th place.

  1.  Adam Eastman was Sharon’s leading scorer with 6 goals, record is 6-6-6

Sharon High School senior captain Adam Eastman leads the team this year with the most goals scored during the season, with a total of 6 goals scored across the 18 games played. The team finished with a record of 6-6-6 this season, making the playoffs but losing in the second game. Eastman was a very strong player on the roster this year, helping assist another 3 goals on top of the 6 he had scored on his own. He ended the season with a total of 9 points, the

  1. Sharon Football Tops in the Hockomock for Interception Returns

3 total; Gabe, Mason, Elijah, Wisdom

Sharon High School’s football team had a great season after leaving the Hockomock League and going independent for the first time in a while. The team had three people tie for the most interception return in the season, junior Gabriel Korn and Elijah Wisdom, and senior Mason Lelling held the teams interception returns with 1 each, the most for any team in the Hockomock League. Sharon’s football team will be going back to Hockomock next year due to the other sports not going independent alongside them. They hope to carry this momentum into the next season.

  1. Sharon’s Cross Country Team Advancing to the Championship 

For the first time the Sharon Cross Country Team contains a lot of talent that helped carry them into the championship, for the first time in 4 years, the last qualification being in 2018. This season, the boys team went 4-1, while the girls team went 3-2 in the regular season, with about 10 individual medals in a statewide meet. Sharon pulled ahead in almost all of their competitions, disregarding their meets against Oliver Ames. The Boys’ team was able to qualify for All States which is a huge accomplishment.

  1. Sharon Golf’s Highest Average – James Spoto

James Spoto, Sharon High School’s best golfer as a junior, led the team this year with an average score of 42.2 across all his matches. Spoto will return next year as one of the senior captains of the team. Just behind Spoto, is Dylan Cummings, also a Sharon High School junior, with an average score of just 43.7 across his matches. 

  1. Sailing Floating into the Atlantic Coast Championship

After going to the O’day qualifier, the Sharon High School sailing team made their way to the national competition, the Atlantic Coast Championship, or the ACC. This competition holds people from all over the country and is an honor to just be there. The team attended the ACC in Cambridge alongside teams from almost every state. 

  1. Sharon Football’s Transfer to the Independent League

The Sharon Varsity Football team decided to leave the Hockomock league and enter the season independently to endeavor a more competitive year. This decision helped the team have extremely exciting games, with an ending record of 6-5. Some of the biggest wins they had were against Westborough (40-28), Roxbury Prep (36-0), Tri-County (19-6), and Medway (27-0).

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