SHSTC’s Legally Blonde is a Hit in the New Auditorium!

By: Jack Conlon—Correspondant

After an all-out effort from the SHSTC,  Legally Blonde showed for three days before Thanksgiving break—and the show went smoothly despite the roadblocks the team faced along the way.

The new auditorium housed its first show, Legally Blonde the musical. And while the new space offered plenty of new technologies for the SHSTC to try out, early ongoing construction had the auditorium completely off-limits for the majority of the time available to produce the show. Despite the setback, however, the SHSTC put on one of their best shows yet—something that the cast and crew should be proud of. 

As the director of the show, Dr. Meg Dussault, says: “There is so much that is great about the new space. We have access to technology that is lightyears beyond what we had at the old school.  The only downside has been that we haven’t been able to have as much time in the new space to understand all we have access to,” said Dussault. 

During the actual show, there was very little ‘disaster’ behind-the-scenes—everything flowed as smoothly as it could, a good omen for the future of the new auditorium. The second show—on Saturday—had one notable slip-up, but it was played-off as purposeful and went largely unnoticed by the audience, making for nothing more than a fun anecdote. 

The show was a hit, and Dussault says it’s all thanks to the hard-working team of students who pulled it together:

 “The students are at the heart of everything we do in SHSTC.  Students have led every team, designed and built everything you see in the show…In my opinion this is what makes this group so amazing,” she said.

The hours of work from the production team was obvious in every aspect of the show. The towering set was beautifully constructed; all of the mini-sets that wheeled on to the stage were dressed and painted perfectly on-theme with the colorful show; transitions were smooth during the runs of the show. All of this was thanks to the tireless effort from the set team who should be commended for their hard work.

On the other side of production—lights and sound—things were smooth across the board as well. After a rough tech-week (the week before the show) for sound, the team pulled through and was able to polish up the show to look—or rather, sound—its best for the audience. The sound was So Much Better every subsequent run, making for a great three days of the show. 

The lighting paired perfectly with what was happening on stage. Cues were always right-on-time, offering seamless transitions for the audience. Subtle, colorful—it was exactly what the show needed to bring the audience’s immersion to the next level. Dussault says she is proud of the students for their hard work, “I am so proud of all the work that the students have done and I hope everyone [who saw the show] recognizes how amazing this group of young people are,” she said.

One comment

  1. I thought this was a good review of the MUSICAL Legally Blonde, but lacking one important detail. The word MUSIC did not appear once in this review of a musical. Sound or sound production does not mean music specifically. The student musicians deserved some attention for pulling off the herculean task of performing a professional broadway musical with little pit experience. Something to think about before the next review. Thank you for all that you do.


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