An Update on SHS Girls Basketball

By: Tess Letendre—School News Editor

Sharon Girls Basketball comes off of a tough lineup of games and bounces back with two back-to-back wins against Stoughton and North Attleboro. Prior to these two games, they faced a few of the best Hockomock teams, some of which were Foxboro, Franklin, and Attleboro. The girls are fighting hard to reclaim their spot in the league. 

While playing some of the toughest teams, the girls were able to use the challenge to their advantage. “Though the last few games were challenging both physically and mentally, having played such tough games was definitely good in terms of pushing our physical abilities,” said Senior Samantha Dunham. 

“Despite going into Franklin and other challenging games knowing it was going to be a tough game, every girl should still be out there trying their hardest every second they’re on the court,” added Dunham. 

Although a few games have not gone their way, the team has been able to highlight their improvements and show how well they play as a team. “Over the past few weeks, we have grown to value and play for each other. We had a tough stretch of games and I think that brought us together and forced us to play, win, and lose as a unit. We are getting better every week and I’m excited to see how we improve as we move to the tail end of the season,” said Junior Captain Eva Poulton.

With the long stretch of challenging games, the team saw light at the end of the tunnel. There were upcoming games against North Attleboro and Stoughton that were winnable, and they stuck with it to obtain those wins.  “I think the team and myself included, need to remember that despite the recent losing streak, we need to remind ourselves that the games we’ve played have been tough. We need to remember that the next few games are winnable, and it’s not only important to try our best, but improving the record will also affect the spirits,” said Dunham. 

Their record of 4-13 does not portray the work the team has put in as well as their overall performance and improvement. “I think that our record doesn’t define how we play. We as a team have pride in ourselves and how we play, and our record doesn’t show the hard work we’ve put in and how much we want to win,” said Poulton. 

From an outside perspective, peers are able to notice the improvements that the team has undergone this season. “Honestly, I think that girls basketball is doing exquisite this year,” says Senior Ethan Horvitz.

Horviz thinks that the student body should show out more for the team and pack ‘The Nest’ both for the boys and girls basketball teams. “I think they would be doing better if more students showed up to their games to support them. I noticed most of their games are at the same time as the boys games, so most people end up going to the boys game. Sounds like poor planning on Sharon’s part,” said Horvitz.

Even without ‘The Nest,’ the girls continuously fight hard and play each game to the best of their ability. “It sucks seeing so many people show up for the boys teams, especially when people go to their away games over our home games. But, despite that, we focus up on our game and prioritize energy and effort,” said Poulton.

“We also need to remember that we have a talented team, and in all the losses, there were aspects of the games that were done very well,” said Dunham.

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