SHS Girls Lacrosse Starts Up

By Tess Letendre — School News Editor

Lacrosse season is just starting up, and Sharon Girls Lacrosse keeps their heads high coming off a tough season last year in 2022. This will be a rebuilding season for the team as they welcome new coaching staff as well as a new attitude. The program welcomes Allison Bowery as head coach and Kelli Anne Doherty as assistant coach for the girls varsity squad. The program is led by 4 strong captains, Senior Tess Letendre and Carly Buckman and Juniors Anna Hertzel and Keira Lydeard. 

After only losing two seniors, the team is full of girls who have experience together as well as a young talented group who are ready to assert their place in the Hockomock League. “We may have lost 2 seniors from last year but now we have gained 4 new captains and 2 new coaches that are happy to lead the team on and off the field,” said Senior Captain Carly Buckman. 

Although there was a minor change in regards to the line up, the girls believe the leadership and program changes will directly affect their ability to play and apply themselves. “The change in lineup and leadership will change the way we play together entirely, but if everyone puts in the work and listens to our leaders, then this could have a positive impact for the skill and determination of the team,” said Sophomore Bailey Garte. 

Bringing in 2 new coaches will change the environment of Girls Lacrosse and the coaches are here to rebuild the program. “Although some of us are having trouble moving past the losses of last season we need to remember that we are starting fresh,” said Junior Captain Anna Hertzel. 

Despite their tough season, the team is entering the season with a positive attitude and pure excitement to improve and show the league what they are capable of. “Having losses in our past may motivate girls to want to do better this year, and as a captain, I hope to only spread positive energy no matter the game’s outcome. As long as our team works together and plays their hardest the scoreboard doesn’t matter,” said Buckman. 

The captains are coming into the season in positivity and hoping for the best. They’re focusing on building their skills as well as team companionship to grow together and build a strong front. “This season is a building year for our team and the girls lacrosse program… As a captain I hope to encourage the girls to work hard together on the field and to be there for each other off the field,” said Buckman.

Returning players also feel the same and hope to grow their skills separately and apply that all together as a team. “For the upcoming season, I am hoping that everyone will work hard to improve in skill individually, but also as a team and learn to play together,” said Garte.

The Girls Lacrosse program is getting a fresh start and is rebuilding the program to help it grow all together, including the youth teams as well. Having new coaches is bringing in new perspectives and will help to obtain a strong place in the league. “Having two new coaches this season to me is a positive. This gives the girls lax program new sets of eyes and more ideas to work with. Also, having new coaches and a building year will encourage the girls youth program to want to improve and give them something to look forward to,” said Buckman.

“New team, new coaches, new season,” said Hertzel.

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