Recently Dropped New Albums

By: Safa Ansari — Correspondent

You may have heard of the new albums dropped by phenomenal and record-breaking artists such as BLACKPINK, and 21 Savage. Fandoms are going rabid over the fresh music releases, several of which are right here at Sharon High. 

BLACKPINK is a South Korean girl group formed by YG entertainment consisting of 4 members. The group has gained international recognition and is categorized as the best female act on the Billboard Hot 100. Recently they released their first full album called “The Album.” 

SHS sophomore Zara Khan, a fan of the genre K-pop, has mixed feelings about the album. “Even though I was fond of the album overall, there were some songs that were a bit cringe-worthy and did not pass my liking such as “Ice Cream”(featuring Selena Gomez), and “How You Like That”,” she said. 

On the other hand sophomore Jessy Pan, a dedicated BLACKPINK fan says the album is awesome. “The album was awesome because it is their first full album, and they have catchy songs. Also, the album had a lot of English songs which show how they are becoming popular all over!” she said.

“I liked that they got more input on it and it was a different sound than they usually put out,” said junior Sydney Donahue, another k-pop and BLACKPINK enthusiast.  Izzy Tobey agrees with Pan and Donahue and says the album was a success. “I like the songs on the album, and they are very catchy,” she said.

Junior Ritu Seeram, also a fan, says the band always carries a confident and dynamic vibe, which is the attitude we need during these times. “I’ve liked some of their songs, and think they are quite energetic,” she said. 

21 savage is a rapper and record producer. Issa Album, his debut studio album, peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200. He has had collaborations with popular artists such as Offset, Drake, Post Malone, and more. Savage Mode II was released in early October, and some fans were impressed, while others were not. 

Sophomore Mridula Ravindran, a devotee of rap is not a fan of the record. “I did not like the songs on the album at all. They were pretty cliche. I did have hopes for the album because I liked 21 Savage’s music a lot,” she said.

Sophomore Kushagra Mallick disagrees with the negative reviews. “This is 21 Savage’s best project, and metro boomin pulled through. As usual, the features were eh, but everything else was good. They should have Quavo and Offset Features because they do good with Savage.” 

“The album was hyped up and met the expectations, consisting of multiple hit songs but I personally like 21 savages past albums more,”  added senior Sam Levitt, a 21 Savage enthusiast.

“21 Savage and Producer Metro Boomin made the album worth the wait,” said senior Aaron Livsin.

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