Meet the Staff: Mr. Bys

By: Sarah Yi — Editor-in-Chief

Due to the pandemic, many teachers resigned or took a leave of absence and their positions have been filled by newcomers such as Mr. Peter Bys who teaches both standard and honors sections of U.S. History and Intro to Psychology.

Bys attend Quaboag Regional High School in Warren, Massachusetts then Springfield College to study History and Education. Before coming to Sharon, Bys was a middle school and high school teacher. He worked at Mount Everett Regional High School in Sheffield, Massachusetts where he taught Ancient Civilizations to sixth-grade students and Psychology in Film/Paranormal History to juniors and seniors. 

He says he has faced many challenges from teaching in a hybrid model. “I was just teaching Physics to help the science department out for about a month,” said Bys. “So I was teaching five classes up until Monday 11/2.”

Bys says the students have been great so far. “Even though I haven’t gotten to meet them all in person, I love telling them jokes and listening to other stories they have right before or after class,” he said. Bys says everyone has been very welcoming.

One method Bys says he uses to get to know his students is to strike up random conversations about literally anything to start. “I usually tell corny dad jokes or ask a ridiculous question to break the ice. I feel students love that kind of them and it lets them take their guards down,” he said

Bys says he has far too many hobbies to list. To name a few, he says he is a musician and plays the piano, drums, guitar, bass, and harmonica. He loves to talk about all kinds of sports and enjoys the outdoors, especially because his girlfriend loves to go hiking. Bys has been trying to read more and loves to play video games when he has the time. “My newest hobby is collecting vinyl records,” he added. 

Social Studies Coordinator Mr. Chuck Fazzio says the department was understaffed going into the 2020 school year and hired three new teachers several days after school began, including the resignation of Mr. Joy who had to join the social studies department. He says they hired Ms. Harding to fill this position.

Fazzio says Mr. Bys was hired to fill Ms. Steven’s leave of absence and other teachers were hired to teach due to an increase in enrollment.

“I look for teachers that show a love for working with kids and a passion for teaching,” said Fazzio. He says the social studies department was very fortunate this year to hire three outstanding young teachers.

“Mr. Bys like Ms. Collins and Ms. Harding I believe could be the future of the Social Studies department because he loves teaching, he is a hard worker who is always prepared, and he seeks to meet the needs of all of his students,” said Fazzio.

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