Sharon Gymnastics Sticks the Landing

By: Rachel Zaretsky — Correspondent

The Sharon High School Varsity Gymnastics team capped off the 2021-2022 season earning second place in the Davenport League. Led by Coach Dyann Dostoomain and captains Emily Rubenstien and Erica Simpson, the team stands at 4-4.

Coach Dyann Dostoomain came into her ninth year of coaching the varsity team, and with six new members, she was hopeful for the season. “Last season was difficult to fill roster lineups, athletes were out due to injury and competing during a pandemic. So when I found out we added six new members to the team, it felt like a weight was lifted. We were competitive again for the first time in about three years,” said Dostoomain. 

Captain Emily Rubenstien says that she was also excited that the team could finally be competitive. “I was very excited when I found out that there were new members of the team. For the past couple of years before this one, we have barely had enough gymnasts to compete so it was exciting to get to welcome new talent and personalities to the team,” said Rubenstien. 

 “I have been on the gymnastics team for all four years. My favorite part of being on the team has definitely been the friendships I have made from the new people I have met,” said Rubenstien.

Captain Erica Simpson also said that she enjoyed meeting new people through the team. “My favorite part of being on the team is getting to meet everyone because… I would not have been friends with [some people] if I was not a part of the team,” Simpson said. 

“I also love competing and supporting each other when [we] get new skills,” Simpson added.

Coach Dyann expressed her excitement about the sport. “I have a passion and love for the sport of gymnastics, it has been a part of my life since I was five years old. Coaching gymnastics brings me the same joy I experienced while I was a gymnast,” said Dyann.

“I love the sport and have been doing [it] pretty much since I could walk, and even though I am no longer able to compete at the level I used to it is amazing to still be able to participate in the sport, I also love the team aspect of the team and how encouraging everyone is,” said Simpson.

“Gymnastics has been a part of my life since I was about three years old. Being on the team has given me the opportunity to keep gymnastics as a part of my life without the commitment that a JO or Excel team mandates,” added Rubenstien.

“I definitely think that more people should join the team! We had a lot of girls this year who had either never done gymnastics, or had recently started, and from what I know, they were able to get a lot out of the team” said Rubenstien.

Throughout the season, SHS beat Taunton, Canton, North Attleboro, and Mansfield with a season high score of 129.6 during the season and a 129.2 at the Hockomock championship.

Additionally, the Hockomock Championships displayed Sharon’s success. “We finished the season with a record of 4-4, placed second in the Davenport league, fifth in the Hockomock and countless individual achievements” said Dostoomain. 

At the Championship,  Senior Emily Rubenstien placed fourth on both floor (8.5) and beam (8.3) in the individual competition. Junior Talia Aidlain- Pearlman finished second in the all-around competition (33.9). She also placed first on beam (8.8), second on bars (8.3), fifth  on vault (8.4), and third on floor (8.4). Sophomore Avery Birnbaum placed second on floor (8.8), and sixth on bars (7.75), and freshman Callie Weader placed fifth on bars (7.4), beam (7.65), and floor (8.0) in the all-around competition.

“I am so excited to see what this young team can accomplish in the future,” said Coach Dostoomain.

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