Get to Know Ms. Nicastro!

By: Andrew Raynus—National/International News Editor

Social Worker Ms. Kristin Nicastro is one of the many new faces at SHS this year. Her primary job is to work with students, families, and teachers with emotional concerns, such as conflict resolution, anger management, and behavior.

Nicastro is excited to be back in a high school setting after doing management work during the pandemic. “I was really excited to start working with kids again. I missed working and doing therapy with kids and working one-on-one with them, so I was looking for something like that,” said Nicastro.

She says she has also been enjoying her time here so far. “The kids are awesome. The whole school has been so incredibly welcoming. The parents have been energetic and excited to welcome me especially, which has been wonderful,” said Nicastro. 

The adjustment has been big for Nicastro, but the people here have made it easier. “I think that was the thing that I was most nervous about was that I’d be going into a new space and not really have someone there to kinda help get me back into the routine of things and so having [Mr. Perron] here in the classroom with me has been huge and Ms. Dumais…and it’s helpful having such great kids,” Nicastro said.

Nicastro has had several jobs in this field before coming to Sharon High. “I worked at a residential school. It was also a day school for kids that were out of district because of their social-emotional difficulties…I was the clinical director there.” 

Most recently, Nicastro worked at Fuller Hospital: a behavioral hospital in Attleboro. “I was a program manager for their partial hospitalization unit,” said Nicastro.

Nicastro also has many hobbies and interests outside of school. “I grew up in upstate New York, so I love the outdoors, hiking, all that stuff – skiing too, because I think you have to if you live out there,” said Nicastro.

“I also coach softball, I used to play,” added Nicastro.

She is even a Boston sports fan despite her New York upbringing. “My family is from the outside of Boston area – Lexington, Arlington area – so I grew up a Red Sox fan, which was very difficult to do,” said Nicastro.

“I feel like if I can be a Red Sox and a Patriots fan in New York, I can do it anywhere,” she added.

Nicastro is now becoming more involved with hockey. “I’ve never really been into hockey, but all three of my kids play hockey and my husband used to play hockey, so we are now a big hockey family and I didn’t know that was possible, but now I’m actually getting into it,” said Nicastro.

“I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since I’ve gotten here, it’s been weird…My family has noticed it, like I’ve just been so excited to be here,” she added.

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